Biomass – PKS Palm Kernel Shell
(for district heating / for energy)

The most important features:

  • ash content approx. 3-5% (low)
  • sulfur content < 0.01% (negligible)
  • chlorine content <0.06% (negligible)
  • energy value (calorific value) up to 18 Gj/t

PKS Palm Kernel Shell is a palm nut shell of the Guinea oil palm. This shell has a high energy value and a very low content of ash, sulfur and chlorine. Thanks to this, the cost of dumping and storage of ashes as well as the repair and maintenance of heating installations is significantly reduced, which affects their profitability. Palm Kernel Shell has been an alternative to other types of agro biomass for many years.

PKS is burned in the form of an independent ecological fuel and an additive (mixture) to coal in many types of boilers, in particular pulverized coal and grate boilers.

The raw material offered by Biomass Poland Sp z o.o. is imported from Indonesia only from RED ll certified producers. Due to the fact that the Guinea oil palm bears fruit throughout the year, the supply (PKS) reaches 12 million tons per year. tons (35,000 tons by PKS)

Advantages of our biomass PKS

  • low content of sodium and potassium up to 5% as K2O and Na2O,
  • non-absorbability, possibility of long-term storage without roofing,
  • resistance to crushing even in long-distance transport,
  • constant granulation 3-20 mm,
  • favorable bulk density – can also be used in furnaces with a bottom blast not regulated in sections,
  • cheaper internal logistics,
  • resistance to weather conditions,
  • the possibility of delivering in regular deliveries,
  • good miscibility with fine coal,
  • much more resistant to decay than wood.

The features and parameters of the product we offer put it at the forefront among the available types of biomass.

The high culture of the fuel, its excellent and repeatable chemical parameters mean that it provides, apart from obvious savings in purchase costs and CO2 emissions, also lower costs of internal logistics and savings in the operation of peripheral devices of boilers, e.g. chargers, conveyors, screws, etc.

Some investments, such as expensive silos or roofing, are also not necessary.

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